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This is our opportunity to open doors and create memories. We have always pulled together as a class. The kindness and interest we have had in each other has lasted a lifetime and made us special. Please join with the committee and reach out to bring all of us back together. Each one of us is valuable to the whole of who we are and who we have become. The events being planned for our 40th reunion will give us a chance to share, expand, and strengthen our connections. We are hoping that this will be the best reunion we have ever had. We invite all of you to catch the vision and join us in an experience that will deepen existing bonds and develop new friendships.

It is our chance to Carpe Diem; Seize the Day! 

4 thoughts on “Creating More Memories”

  1. Greetings Class of 1976,

    We hope everyone is still spreading the word that our reunion is happening September 16-18, 2016. Please keep trying to contact anyone and everyone in our class to get them to Guilford. Any contact information that you have for classmates, such as emails etc., can be sent to Bill Mack. His contact information is published on the Committee Contact Page of this website.

    The events planned for the weekend are going to be awesome! Please read the list of events on the website’s Events page.

    To give you all a preview:

    Friday night will be at Anthony’s Restaurant and there will be food and live music. In addition, our own Pepi Capezzone has written the most amazing song for the occasion. He will be sharing it on Friday night.

    Saturday is going to be a blast. We have activities planned all day. In keeping with tradition, we will have a float in the Guilford parade. There are people working on it as we speak. Saturday night will be a time to further connect down at the Mooring Restaurant located along side the docks. Live music will be a part of that venue as well.

    On Sunday we are having a picnic at Bishops field. We hope this will provide us with ample time to eat, play, meet family members, and just hang out. Bring food and what you would like to drink.

    The truth is, we don’t know when we will be able to see each other again. So, please don’t miss this landmark time. Come be apart of making everyone feel included during this very special occasion.

  2. Great meeting! This is going to be awesome!! Can’t tell you what it’s like seeing faces from 40 years ago and realizing it was really only yesterday! Looking forward to seeing everyone!

  3. I’ll be working at the fair reunion weekend but I’ll be able to sneak away to attend some of the festivities..!! I’ll be the guy in the yellow security shirt, bald head and biker beard… Looking forward to seeing everyone….!

  4. I am willing to do a motorcycle escort for the float if anyone’s with me….. The more bikes, the better… Who’s with me? Any thoughts Bill Mack…..?

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